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In 1881, California judge and amateur plant breeder James H. Logan accidentally invented the ‘Loganberry’ in his back yard when he planted two blackberries near an old raspberry vine. Of the 50 seedlings produced from this mix, one was noticeably robust; he named this berry after himself: the ‘Loganberry’.

This berry would eventually make its way to the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) breeding program run collaboratively with Oregon State University. George Waldo crossed Logan’s creation with ‘Young’ (aka ‘Youngberry’) that was a variety developed by Byrnes M. Young in Morgan City, Louisiana to create ‘Olallie’. While ‘Olallie’; (aka ‘Olallieberry’) always performed better in California than it’s Oregon birthplace it turned out to a be wonderful parent. Waldo also developed ‘Chehalem’ from a cross between ‘Santiam’ (a wild selection of the western dewberry) and the ‘Himalaya’ (introduced to North America by plant breeder Luther Burbank). In 1945, Waldo crossed ‘Chehalem’ with ‘Olallie’ to make our most famous . beloved berry, the ‘Marion’.



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